Salma Begum BSc, MSc

Counsellor and Positive Psychologist

Hello my name is Salma, and I am an experienced MBACP Integrative Person Centred Counsellor with a Masters degree in Counselling and Positive Psychology. I am based around the Shaw, Oldham and Rochdale area. As an integrative counsellor, I draw on different therapeutic approaches in my work- dependent on individual client needs and differences. Some examples of these include Person centred, CBT, Psychodynamic, Play therapy and many more. I am able to respond to differences and tailor an approach to therapy, that makes sense to each client’s needs and wishes. I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be truly listened to and understood, without facing any judgement therefore I offer a private, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to explore and talk about your concerns and difficulties. I understand that sharing ones emotions and thoughts- particularly when going through difficulty can be extremely hard, which is why I always work at a pace that is comfortable for the client.

I respect and appreciate the varied ways in which my clients may view themselves and their experiences, therefore coming from a place of understanding and compassion, I support and encourage all clients to understand themselves and their experiences at a deeper more intense level. I approach my work with professionalism, warmth, honesty, and the greatest of care whilst seeing my job as a journey, to walk alongside each client – to help them to navigate their way through their issues and eventually see light at the end of tunnel. With my deep level of empathy and excellent listening skills, clients have always felt at ease when opening up to me regarding personal thoughts and issues.

Coming from an ethnic minority background, I understand the challenges that the BAME community may face when accessing professional support due to a range of barriers including language barriers or not feeling understood. However as I am bilingual, speaking both English and Bangla fluently, I offer my sessions in both languages to suit the wider community, and to make them feel more at ease.

Areas I Can Help With And Age Groups I Have Supported

During my sessions, I have supported clients from as young as 8 years to 80 years, and also clients from different backgrounds- including those of different race/religions and with additional/special needs. This has added to the immense experience I have gained in supporting individuals with a range of issues including; loss and bereavement, identity, health issues, addiction, low self esteem, anxiety and depression, acceptance, post traumatic stress disorder, Post natal depression, eating disorders, phobias, breakdown of relationships, Suicidal thoughts, self harm and many more life events. I also undertake regular CPD and attend training- my most recent training session has been suicide training and self harm.

It is often the case that some clients have not known what they require from therapy, but have identified that things haven’t quite feel right within themselves, and when this has been the case, the client has always succeeded (with the help of myself) in identifying and dealing with the deep rooted issue that has been effecting them for many months/years. I always adapt my sessions to suit the client I am working with, whilst always ensuring their comfort is priority.

Session Information

I offer between eight and twelve Counselling sessions per client but understand that some clients may need less or more sessions depending on their case (this is something that can be discussed further in our sessions). As mentioned above, I am trained to, and have experience working with children, adolescents, adults (including elderly), couples and families.
I offer different modes of counselling including; face to face sessions, video sessions and telephone sessions. I offer a free 30 minutes consultation, and moving forward session prices are £40 for a 50 minute session.




  • MSc (Masters Degree) Counselling and Positive Psychology
  • Level 3 QLS Child Counsellor
  • Certificate: PAPYRUS Prevention of Suicide. / Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

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