Kylie Jones

Senior Trainee Therapist

Welcome to my profile, my name is Kylie Jones I’m currently in my final year of counselling training. I’m training to be a Person-Centered Counsellor.

Being a hairdresser for 23years I have had a lot of one-to-one experience. I have built up a rapport and trusting relationship with my clients which has led them to confide in me with any problems or issues they might been experiencing.

Over the years I have worked with McMillian, I helped clients that have been going through cancer treatment, which has resulted them losing their hair. Being they’re for my clients whilst they went through such a traumatic time was extremely important for me. It inspired me to become a counsellor.

I’ve also experienced life challenges and counselling has helped both myself and my family to overcome these difficulties such as PTSD, alcoholism, bereavement, anxiety, cancer, relationship issues, infertility, miscarriage, depression, and phobias.

I believe talking is therapy and it is a way of releasing all negative energy and stress, even if it’s painful to talk about certain issues, for me it has help me come to some acceptance of my past experiences.

I am passionate about helping people, therefore I will make sure that you have a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment, to allow you to feel free to explore any issues or worries you might be having. Together we will work through these issues and find ways of coping so that you can overcome them.