Belinda Levene

Trainee Therapist

Hi, my name is Belinda.

I have enjoyed working in marketing communications for over 20 years. After raising my family and seeking a more “meaningful to me” role, three years ago I began retraining in counselling and psychotherapy.

It is fair to say that most of us encounter challenging periods in our lives where we may feel anxious, depressed, or stuck.

Talking to someone who is uninvolved in your situation, and who will strive to understand your current difficulties from your perspective can help you find new ways to cope or make decisions regarding what matters to you.

Counselling is not about me giving solutions because only you know what is right for you, but I can offer support, and I am genuinely committed to helping you feel at ease and listened to, from the very beginning.

I work with the person-centred approach which means that I aim to build a trusting and respectful relationship with you. This is your time to talk about your concerns, in a safe and confidential space without judgement, so that you feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly. We can then explore problems together, which can be empowering and promote positive change.

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and I work in accordance with their code of practice. I hold a current enhanced DBS certificate and insurance. I also attend regular monthly supervision.