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Shaw Therapy Centre has five therapy rooms, all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The centre is used by a range of therapist providing a host of services, everything from counselling through to Reiki, from beauty treatments to reflexology and much, much more.

We are always happy to welcome new users to the centre and keen to expand the services provided.

The size and provisions within each room vary and some may be more suitable to your intended use that others. For more detailed information on the rooms themselves click the ‘Rooms’ button.

In addition to providing individual therapy sessions the centre can also cater small groups with ‘Room 1’ facilitating everything from informal group sessions to classroom styled teaching / meetings.

Can I arrange a viewing?

Absolutely, we encourage anyone interested in using the centre to start by arranging a viewing. This is a great opportunity to not only see the rooms along with the other centre facilities but to also discuss your requirements and the support we can provide.

Viewings are arranged in discussion with yourself and can be done both during normal office hours our outside of this, they can be undertaken both during the working week or at the weekend.

Simply click the ‘Arrange Viewing’ button and we will contact you to get something arranged as quickly as possible.


Arrange a Viewing

How Do I Register to Use the Centre?

In the first instance we ask anyone interested in working from the centre to complete a very simple registration form. The form itself asks for your details and a list of the services you provide. In submitting the form, we also ask you to provide proof of accreditation, insurance, and membership of professional bodies.

Once the form and supporting documents have been submitted, we will send you the room use agreement with accompanying booking policy and code of conduct.


Therapists Registration

Do I Need A DBS Check?

The registration form does ask if, ‘Will you will be working with children and / or venerable adults?’ If so, then YES you will need to supply an up-to-date DBS check.

How Are Rooms Booked?

We use an online diary system, giving you the flexibility to both view availability and book the rooms you want when you want them.

Can I cancel a Booking?

You can cancel a booking up to 24 hours in advance without charge, after that point the booking cannot be updated / changed and has to be paid in full.

How Do I Access The centre?

You will be provided with a set a keys and access codes for the building.

How are The Rooms Charged?

Individual Therapy Sessions:

Hourly Rate


Block Booking (Max 8 consecutive hours)


Full Day (Max 12 consecutive hours)


Group / Training (Room 1)

Hourly Rate


Block Booking (Max 8 consecutive hours)


Full Day (Max 12 consecutive hours)


We ask that payment be made by bank transfer within 24 hours on the appointment. Once payment is received, we then issue a receipt for your records. 

Is There Free Parking?

There is free parking immediately outside the centre with on-street parking readily accessible if required.

Is the Centre Easy to Get To?

The centre is conveniently located between junctions 20 and 21 of the M62.  The closest tram stop is only a two-minute walk.

Is There Wi-Fi and Internet Access?

The centre is equipped with Wi-Fi, equally each of the rooms has itsown computer providing internet access, use of Microsoft Office, Web camera and on-line meeting applications such as Teams, Skype and Zoom.

I Have Another Question…

Great, use the ‘Contact Us’ button, let us know what questions you have, and we’ll happily contact you just as soon as possible.

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